[rt-users] RT Install..

Ashwin Kutty akutty at is.dal.ca
Tue Feb 27 18:37:03 EST 2001

> > I have RT installed, I think "successfully".. Now, this is the thing.. I
> > have an email address setup on my linux box already from before.. What I
> > need to do is, get all the email sent to that address tracked by rt..
> > Now, I thought by creating the queue and the user with the appropriate
> > email address it should work fine, but in vain.. I have restarted
> > apache, sendmail etc. to make sure all the new conf files are being
> > taken into affect.. I have MySQL 3.23.24-beta running right now..
> 	What does your /etc/aliases file contain in regards to RT?

It has..

rt:     |"/opt/rt/bin/rt-mailgate systems correspond"
rt-action:      |"/opt/rt/bin/rt-mailgate systems action"

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