[rt-users] Erase request

Tobias Brox tobiasb at suptra.org
Thu Jan 11 02:46:37 EST 2001

> How can I delete useless requests from database
> at all? For example: delete all "dead" requests.

In RT1, the requests should be deleted from the database when they are
killed.  Anything else is a bug.

Eventually you'll first have to take out all the dead request ids:

select serial_num from requests where status='dead';

Then delete everything from the transactions and the tickets table
reffering to those requests.  It's pretty easy to do through a shell

> Or drop request counter to zero?

That's not a good idea, it might produce clashes between old and new
requests.  Besides, I think it's impossible without deleting the whole
database.  RT uses the mysql auto_increment feature for increasing the
request ids.

If you need further help, I will be located in spb from ~23th of January.

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