[rt-users] mailgate

Neil Curri ncurri at fastcompany.com
Fri Jan 12 17:51:25 EST 2001


I've been able to do an upgrade, keeping our old database. The web
interface is up and running, but I'm still hung up on the mailgate...
How do the mail aliases work with different queues? On our old server,
mail was sent to different queues by addressing the message to
rt-queue at myrthost. Now, only rt at myrthost works. Here's my mailgate
symlink in 

rt-mailgate -> /usr/local/rt/bin/rt-mailgate

Mail still comes into the system this way, and I can assign each
incoming message to a queue, but no matter what queue I assign it to, or
even if I don't assign it to a queue at all, responses to the requestor
are not sent through. I can't find anything in maillog or messages
reporting any problem with sending mail, either... Clues? 


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