[rt-users] RT Web Interface will not send mail.

Jason Maderios Jason.Maderios at togethersoft.com
Tue Jan 23 13:39:07 EST 2001

Here is a strange one.

Send in a ticket via email.  RT auto responds ok.

Go into a ticket and hit Reply -- No email gets sent..

Go into a Ticket and hit Reply but add someone to the "CC" field and the
CC'd person gets the mail but not the "Requestor" even if the CC is the same
as the requestor!

I've added 
use Tie::STDERR ' >> /tmp/rterrlog' ;
to rtmux.pl and no errors are getting reported.

No errors in apache/logs/errorlog

Nadda Zilch Nothing..  It really hurts because today is the day I am
supposed to roll out RT to our IT folks.  I am sitting here writing this
email running late to teach the 2nd course today on how to use it.

The only thing that I broke was permissions.  Since then I have done a make
upgrade from the source tree to restore everything.  I even installed it
into another directory to permission comparisons against the installed

Any Thoughts?  I need to get this resolved or I may loose the option of RT!
It took some convincing to get my IT Director to even look at....

Please Help if you have clues!

Jason Maderios
Unix Systems Admin.

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