[rt-users] RT questions

Robert Boyd rboyd at pokerspot.com
Wed Jan 31 19:47:20 EST 2001

You might want to take a look at bugzilla (http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/), as
it sounds like
you're using rt for tracking bugs, and not in a helpdesck/crm application.

RT is great, but I wouldn't use it for tracking bugs.

As for each of your questions.  You might want to check out contributed code

I don't recall whether any of the stats packages generated graphical output,
but it should be easy enough to do with GD.

Check out the stripmime contributed code in order to access customer

I'm unsure whether you can attach files to emails to a customer, but my
initial thought is that this functionality doesn't exist yet.  Jesse, is it
on the TODO list?


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I have some question about RT.

1.Can you get a graphic chart?

2.Can you attach any type of file (ascii,binary) to a bug report?

3.Is it possible to add a new field to form of a bug report? (ex.


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