[rt-users] Problems with return adress...

Marc Korthaus mk at macnews.de
Sun Jun 17 17:33:13 EDT 2001

Hello alltogether,

We  installed rt a few days ago and we are really happy with this 
peace of great software. Thanks so far for the good work!

We ran into one problem: The return adress (to be precise: 
"Reply-to"- and "From"-Adress) is wrong. It should be 
"pr-in at in.macnews.de" - as we set it in config.pm, but outgoing mail 
has the adress "pr-in at backup.macnews.de" (backup.macnews.de is the 
real hostname, in.macnews.de a virtual host). If our customers try to 
reply an email, it gets bounced. Shure we can change add aliases or 
rename the whole box, but perhaps there´s an other way?

Thanks in advance,

PS: We are using Postfix.

Marc Korthaus

Alles, was man wissen muss. Auf deutsch und in Rot.

macnews.de OnlineServices GmbH
Briller Str.  4
42105 Wuppertal

Fax: 0202 3702815

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