[rt-users] Problems with RT2 and mail gateway (continuation)

Harald Wagener hwagener at fcb-wilkens.com
Mon Jun 25 05:34:19 EDT 2001

Jesse wrote:
> Have you granted 'Everyone' the right to create tickets in your queue?
> Is there anything in RT's error log?

I have cleared that up now. The next thing to do is build scrips so that
everyone does not get two mails for every action (one transaction and
anotherone), and then we will have RT2 ready for prime time. 

Thanks to all for their great help!

By the way: My machine was a freshly installed SuSE 7.2 box, where the
suid bit is turned off for sperl by default. This might make sense
security wise, but maybe it should be noted in the installation notes that
'clever' setups like this might cause trouble when installing RT2.

As I told Jesse in private communication already, I will try to write two
or three things for the FAQ which cover the problems I (and Gerd to some
extent) had while installing RT2.

By the way: How difficult will it be to upgrade from 1.3.99 to 2.0.0-RC1 ?

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