[rt-users] errors in using rt2 .-(

Michael Thies michael at thies.org
Wed Jun 27 05:55:42 EDT 2001

On Mon, Jun 25, 2001 at 09:06:52AM -0400, Jesse wrote:
> Apache::DBI isn't the same as DBI.  This is mentioned in the README.

*ouch* Yeah, sorry.
I got it working  on monday .-)
Upgraded today on 2.0.0. 
Now having a problem with the logout. .-(

I installed rt2 not as DocumentRoot of a server and had put it to
/rt2 with an Alias-Directive, configured config.pm this way.

I login to rt2 (mozilla0.9.1 or netscape 4.77 on a debian-system)
using it, perform a logout and get connected to the rt2 as the same user
again (automagically).
The only way to connect as an other user is, to close my browser and starting
a new instance .-(

Michael Thies

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