[rt-users] replies not appearing

Simon Woodward simon at onyx.net
Thu Jun 28 11:03:54 EDT 2001

Hi There,

I'm currently testing a new install of RT2, I believe its mostly setup
correctly ... To the extent I have incoming mail creating tickets and
mail going out when jobs are resolved or comments / replies are added

If however the "customer" replies to a reply, the mail is not getting
through and not appearing in the ticket.

I'm using qmail, sendmailpipe etc ... and I'm getting the following
error in the qmail logs:

Jun 28 15:58:31 cropton qmail: 993740311.314864 delivery 96: deferral:
Permission_DeniedCan't_locate_Mail/Mailer/sendmailpipe.pm_in_ at INC_(@INC_contains:_/usr/local/rt2/etc_/usr/local/rt2/lib_/usr/lib/perl5/i386-linux_/usr/lib/perl5_/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/i386-linux_/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl_.)_at_(eval_36)_line_3./Aack,_child_crashed._(#4.3.0)/

and the same in the rt logs.

My config is as such :

$MailCommand = 'sendmailpipe';
$SendmailArguments="-t";  (afaik, qmail's sendmail doesnt have a -oi
$SendmailPath = "/var/qmail/bin/sendmail";

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.



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