[rt-users] Web UI looking funny...

Damian Gerow damian at sentex.ca
Fri Jun 29 16:23:12 EDT 2001

> What's your apache config look like for RT's mod_perl handler?

Taken almost exactly from the install docs, but stripped a bit as it's not a
virtual host:

	<DocumentRoot "/opt/rt2/WebRT/html">

	<Directory "/opt/rt2/WebRT/html">
	        PerlModule Apache::DBI
	        PerlRequire /opt/rt2/bin/webmux.pl
	<Location /rt2>
	        SetHandler perl-script
	        PerlHandler RT::Mason

Now that I've done that, I can almost see where the problem is.  But it's
Friday afternoon, so my brain's shut off in anticipation of the weekend

(I've also since stuck in the following, with no results:

<Directory /opt/rt2/bin>
        Options Indexes FollowSymLinks ExecCGI


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