[rt-users] Problems installing RT-2-0-0-RC3

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Sat Jun 30 03:21:53 EDT 2001

Just for posterity in the archives, the problem here is that Damian 
enclosed his password in " marks which also were being used as an external 
delimiter for a larger block.


On Tue, Jun 26, 2001 at 11:57:18AM -0400, Damian Gerow wrote:
> After a little bit of work getting the pgsql database working (and yes, it
> is working properly) I'm now about ready to install.  But I've run in to a
> bit of a snatch...
> When doing a make install, there's a problem in the "acls" section.
> Specifically, I get this error message:
> 	schema sucessfully inserted
> 	cp etc/acl.Pg '/opt/rt2/etc/acl.Pg'
> 	/usr/bin/perl -p -i -e " s'!!DB_TYPE!!'Pg'g;\
> 	                        s'!!DB_HOST!!'localhost'g;\
> 	                        s'!!DB_RT_PASS!!'"holy mackerel"'g;\
> 	                        s'!!DB_RT_HOST!!'localhost'g;\
> 	                        s'!!DB_RT_USER!!'rt_user'g;\
> 	                        s'!!DB_DATABASE!!'rt2'g;" /opt/rt2/etc/acl.Pg
> 	Substitution replacement not terminated at -e line 1.
> I've just installed the CPAN modules, so I've got the latest modules, and
> the perl version is 5.6.1.  I had run into this problem before, but can't
> remember how I got around it.
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