[rt-users] Installation problem

Kevin Golding kgolding at cix.co.uk
Sat Mar 3 13:17:00 EST 2001

I'm getting the following error when running "make install" - could you give me a pointer as to what 
I've done wrong please?

	rm -f /opt/rt/bin/cgi/webrt.cgi
	ln  /opt/rt/bin/suid_wrapper /opt/rt/bin/cgi/webrt.cgi
	chmod 4755 /opt/rt/bin/cgi/webrt.cgi
	rm -f /opt/rt/bin/cgi/admin-webrt.cgi
	ln  /opt/rt/bin/suid_wrapper /opt/rt/bin/cgi/admin-webrt.cgi
	chmod 4755 /opt/rt/bin/cgi/admin-webrt.cgi
	#  Main, read-only directories.
	chown -R root /opt/rt
	chown: /opt/rt: Numerical result out of range
	make: *** [fixperms] Error 1

I'm using:

	GNU make 3.78.1
	perl 5.005_03

Best regards

Kevin Golding

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