[rt-users] Problems with autoresponders

Hansjoerg Posch hp at myday.cc
Sun Mar 4 10:06:26 EST 2001


We are using the latest version of RT and now we have the problem that 
sometimes overnight 4000 to 10000 requests are created by 
autoresponders, mainly by GMX. That means that f.e. a GMX user sends 
an email at 10 pm to our queue and the RT replies with the standard 
answer and the ticket ID. The autoresponder of the user answers with 
the standard text and RT replies with the standard answer and a new 
ticket ID ...

This is a very serious problem because approximatly all 20 to 30 hours 
I have to stop the request tracker, remove all the dummy entries form 
the database and restart the request tracker.

Are there any known ways to handle such a everyday problem?

Best regards,

Hansjoerg Posch

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