[rt-users] An rt-mailgate(1) streamer

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Wed Mar 7 20:28:01 EST 2001

iActually,  a combination of techniques will probably do what you want.
stripmime will handle stripping out mimeparts.

editing the webrt display regexps (there are pointers in the archives somewhere)
will make the headers you don't want to see disappear while preserving
them on disk in case anyone actually needs them later.


On Wed, Mar 07, 2001 at 07:17:37AM -0800, Medi Montaseri wrote:
> Has anyone looked into an rt-mailgate(1) streamer that strips off much
> of
> the header section of the email.
> I am thinking about writing a front-end to rt-mailgate(1) that just
> strips off
> the MIME stuff and streamlines the Header to From, Date, Subject, as I
> don't care how many hops the email took to get to RT and all other
> header stuff.
> I also looked at stripmime(1) contrib but again I don't care to save the
> MIME to an HTML file, if one is stripping the MIME, just strip it an
> feed
> it to rt-mailgate(1).
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