[rt-users] IE WebUI problem

Randy Millis rmillis at enel.ucalgary.ca
Thu Mar 8 18:59:05 EST 2001

As I support multiple PC operating systems I have been playing around
reloading OSes on my clone PC.

After reloading NT 4, SP5 and adding I.E. 5.00.2919.6307 (128-bit),RT
will log me in, but sends me back to the login screen when ever I try to
open a ticket.

Netscape works on this PC and IE works fine on other PCs. How did
I break this?

We are using RT 1.0.2 (from the CLI rt command) on a Sun Ultra-1,
Solaris 7, perl 5.005_03, Apache/1.3.14, MySQL 3.22.32. I have not
changed any configuration on the RT server.

I tried the "Send authentication info to all scripts on this server."
option, but it didn't help.

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