[rt-users] Automatic escalation of RT tickets

Timothy A. Gregory tgregory at tarjema.com
Fri Mar 9 20:37:39 EST 2001

I've posted a query here once or twice to see if anyone had done some kind
of script to do this and never got a response, so I took it on.

You can get the script from http://tarjema.com, it's the most recent
article I've posted there.  I didn't think it would be appropriate to send
an attachment to the whole list.

Please grab it, poke it, jab it and tell me how awful it is so I can make
it better!  

The script as it is now runs each ticket through a six day life cycle. If
a ticket is in the systems, support or noc queues, doesn't have anything
to do with DSL and has a priority less than 10, it will move from
priority 4 (the default for all of our queues) to 3 at 3 days, from 3 to
to at 5 days and from 2 to 1 at 6 days of age. At each step the owner will
be notified by email, or if it is unowned the manager will be
notified. When it goes from 2 to 1 the manager and our company president
(small company, he wants to know) are also notified by email and the owner
will be paged (email sent to a pager gateway).

Anyway, I hope someone finds it useful.  I'm open to suggestions and
improvements, and I know that when RT 2 comes out this will be a moot
point ;-)

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