[rt-users] Help setting up RT

Derrick hall derrick at cheaphostonline.net
Mon Mar 12 20:12:47 EST 2001

Hi I am tring to setup RT on my cobalt raq system.  Anytime I try and send 
an email to the system I get an error message that says sendmail don't 
allow the rt-mailgate us it.  I had found a solution to my problem how ever 
I don't know how to apply the commands that it is saying to apply.
Can anyone give me detail help on how to do this symlink and smrsh stuff?

Thanks in advance.

The solution is as follows:
----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
|"/usr/local/rt/bin/rt-mailgate general action"
(expanded from: <rt-action at mustang.hiwaay.net>)

----- Transcript of session follows -----
sh: rt-mailgate not available for sendmail programs
554 |"/usr/local/rt/bin/rt-mailgate general action"... Service unavailable
then, the following information from Jesse should help: 

Sendmail has a program called smrsh. smrsh restricts what binaries can
be run from sendmail aliases.  I think it keeps the programs in
/etc/smrsh on redhat6.  add a symlink from
/usr/local/rt/bin/rt-mailgate to /etc/smrsh/rt-mailgate and things
should work better.

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