[rt-users] Procmail???/

Clark Shishido cshishid at slip.net
Mon Mar 19 15:23:03 EST 2001

> I want to set up some procmail recipes to filter out spam and viruses from
> my RT queus, has anyone done this before and if so do you have any
> pointers?

I'm using procmail to filter out mailing list posts except for one
subscriber (one machine really). This way you get a to-do when the 
machine has a package ready to go, everybody on the mailing list is
free to comment, but RT only accepts mail from that build machine.

just use procmail for your default delivery agent and put in a
.procmailrc file for the "rt" user. BUT you have to remember that
with sendmail, /etc/aliases gets called before getting to mail.local
so use [queuename]:rt in /etc/aliases. 

for virus checking I've been using this procmail filter:

I've only used it on a central SMTP server, not on one with RT 
installed but it protects me from those damn *.vbs worms.

have fun.


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