[rt-users] creating requests via email

James Dumser james.dumser at ericsson.com
Thu Mar 22 15:27:03 EST 2001

I'm trying to set up RT to handle requests via email. The user guide
  RT uses the subject line of a message to decide what to do with it. If
  the subject contains the identifier of a request that already exists,
  the message becomes a comment. If the subject line contains no
  identifier, a new request will be created. Thus you should be careful
  with the subject header when sending messages to the RT alias to avoid
  creating new requests where they are not needed.
I envisioned this capability to let me send an unstructured email
(basically not knowing it was going into RT) and have a request created.
I also understood this to mean that later emails could be sent to the
same RT address (with the tag included) and be treated as comments.

When I send an email as a new request, I get back something like
  Subject: [mgts.exu.ericsson.se #] (_rt_system) RT Error: test request
  Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 13:33:46 -0600 (CST)
  From: James Dumser via RT <rt at mgts.exu.ericsson.se>
  To: eusjadu at exu.ericsson.se

  There has been an error:

  You did not specify a ticket number for these comments. Please
  resubmit them with a ticket number.  Your comments appear below.

  This is a request created via email (from eusjadu at exu.ericsson.se).

  James Dumser  james.dumser at ericsson.com

  --- Headers Follow ---

  Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 13:33:45 -0600
  From: James Dumser <eusjadu at exu.ericsson.se>
  To: rt-test at mgts.exu.ericsson.se
  Subject: test request #8

  -------------------------------------------- Managed by Request

rt-test is aliased to rt-mailgate test comment (I didn't get much out of
the docs concerning the various uses of comment, correspond, and

I didn't see any mail commands for creating a request, but if it's
necessary, I guess I can write a wrapper script that would check to see
if the email is a new request (no tag) and insert the appropriate
command, but it doesn't seem like this should be necessary.

James Dumser  james.dumser at ericsson.com

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