[rt-users] rt2 stats

Simon Woodward simon at onyx.net
Mon Nov 5 07:48:37 EST 2001

> Where can I find 'rt2stats' script? And is it still being maintained?

We've been talking on the list about starting to design a decent stats
system for rt2, I've been drumming up some support, but just been so
busy recently it kind of fizzled for a little bit. I think if one is
going to be written its going to need a few people, as we all have that
daily interference known as work which tries to get in the way ;-)

The best one I have seen so far is by Teo de Hesselle and is available
at http://peabody.itd.uts.edu.au/rt-stats/. I dont know what anyone else
thinks, but this could be a great place to start ? I know Teo has no


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