[rt-users] installation - DBD::mysql

Art Mulder amulder at irus.rri.ca
Mon Nov 5 14:55:54 EST 2001

I'm having a lot of headaches trying to get this thing installed.
I've been stuck at the "make testdeps" stage for the past 3 days.

Right now, I can't seem to get past this:
  Checking for DBD::mysql 2.0416 ....DBD::mysql 2.0416  not installed.            

I've downloaded three different versions of the module and it still tries
to tell me that it's not there.  Just now I got the most recent version
I could find -- Msql-Mysql-modules-1.2219 and installed it, and the same
message pops up from "make testdeps".  I'm getting discouraged here.

I'm on Solaris 7, just put in the latest Apache, and mod_perl, and I'm 
running perl v5.6.0

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