[rt-users] Logout doesn't really log me out?

Vivek Khera khera at kcilink.com
Thu Nov 8 16:48:43 EST 2001

>>>>> "JV" == Jesse Vincent <jesse at bestpractical.com> writes:

JV> If your browser actually hits and loads /NoAuth/Logout.html, your
JV> session should be _gone_.  Can you verify (from http server logs) that
JV> it's doing this?  

JV> If your copy of opera has decided to cache /NoAuth/Logout.html,
JV> say due to the no-cache issue I describe earlier, then the RT server
JV> will never know you clicked Logout and you will not be logged out.

That must be it.  When I'm root, I usually last only a few minutes in
RT, and Opera holds the cache for 5 minutes whether you want it to or
not.  They really need to fix this issue... grr.

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