[rt-users] Cool things to do with Helpdesk... (fwd)

Darrell Berry darrellb at hhcl.com
Mon Nov 12 08:36:57 EST 2001

a couple of requests from one of our people...i have a feeling these would
be useful to others as well...the first concerns what happens if a
requester posst an email referring to a job number that has been 'closed',
the second relates to including 'outsiders' (not the normal helpdesk team)
in the loop for handling calls...

any ideas for patches or ways to implement these? or can they go in as
feature requests...?


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Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 13:27:11 -0000
From: Grant Waldram <gwaldram at amdgroup.plc.uk>
To: Darrell Berry <darrellb at hhcl.com>
Subject: Cool things to do with Helpdesk...

The two suggestions I was talking about were:

automatically re-opening a job if a message is filtered to it automatically,
and it's already been 'resolved' or 'stalled

Having the ability to easily send a message to an external party relevant to
a given job, having the appearance of coming from the message sender,
possibly with the return address coming via the helpdesk. Also, for at least
the outgoing message and possibly also any replies going to the job log.

Does that description for the second one make sense? :)

- G

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