[rt-users] RT now integrates with CVS

Sergey Gurov cec2000 at mail.ru
Tue Nov 13 13:31:28 EST 2001

Hi, Jessy

Was really funny to hack you code a little ;-)
It works fine with pserver access but if one corrects some
For example instead of
> ALL     /home/jesse/projects/rt-addons/log_accum --record-last-dir
one should probably use
> ALL     /home/jesse/projects/rt-addons/rt-coomit-handler --record-last-dir
and so on...
Bugs found:
 - multi line log message appears like one string in RT ticket
 - one should change $CVSROOT variable
 - line 397  -> id = untaint($id); should be     $id = untaint($id);

Also I've made some improvements to your code. If you are interested I can
post it.


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Subject: [rt-users] [rt-announce] RT now integrates with CVS

> I'm proud to announce the initial release of the RT cvs commit handler.
> This tool allows developers working with a CVS repository to automatically
> update tickets in RT as they commit changes to CVS.
> You can pick up the latest copy of the code from:
> ftp://ftp.fsck.com/pub/rt/contrib/2.0/rt-addons/rt-commit-handler
> To install the code, copy it to ~rt/bin, 'chgrp rt rt-coomit-handler',
> and 'chmod g+s  rt-commit-handler'.
> Stick the following in in CVSROOT/commitinfo
> ALL     /home/jesse/projects/rt-addons/log_accum --record-last-dir
> Stick the following  in CVSROOT/loginfo
> ALL         /home/jesse/projects/rt-addons/log_accum -r  %{Vvts}
> It should work with local cvs servers or cvs servers accessed over
> I've got no idea how it will fare against a pserver. (There may be minor
> changes).
> RT currently needs to live on the same server as CVS.
> To use this puppy, your developers all need to have their "Unix login"
> set to the uid that they connect to the CVS server as.
> Making it go is simply a matter of embedding commands at the start of the
> commit log message. Commands are executed in the order they're listed.
> If you put in repeated calls to RT-Ticket, you can perform actions on
> more than one ticket (in serial, not in parallel).
> The valid commands are as follows:

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