[rt-users] Creator RealName not set

Erwin Blekkenhorst erwin at bluedome.net
Wed Nov 14 11:26:06 EST 2001


Any idea why the creator's RealName is not set after a ticket is created 
through the email gateway?
The scrip 'OnCreate NotifyAllWatchers with template Correspondence' sends a 
notification whereby the 'From' header is created with this variable 
substitution: "$friendly_name via RT <$replyto>". $friendly_name is 
constructed from the creator's RealName which, in my case, appears to be 
NULL. This results in an annoying 'From' header just saying 'via RT 
<my_customer at hisdomain.com>'.
Any ideas?


Erwin (using RT 2.0.8_02)

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