[rt-users] [rt-announce] RT 2.0.9 - Chock full o' tickety goodness

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Wed Nov 14 14:32:40 EST 2001

I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of RT 2.0.9.  This 
release hast lots and lots of new goodies and bug fixes:

	* RT now depends on DBIx::SearchBuilder 0.47

	* tools/insertdata: Fixed templates to include the ticket subject if 
	  it was otherwise blank

	* tools/cpan2rpm: Added cpan2rpm to the tools directory, for 
	  autogenerating rpms of CPAN modules	

	* Makefile, rt.spec: Added support for autobuilding an rpm with 
	  "make rpm"

	* Fixes to initacls.Pg to allow installation with Unix Domain sockets

	* tools/initdb: initdb won't whine if you don't set a host

	* Refactored images path to have a configurable URL, so it will work 
	  with fastcgi ;)

	* Lengthened queue name and email addresses in the default DB schema

	* etc/: config.pm, schema.Pg, schema.mysql, schema.pm: Added some new 
	  indices, based on recommendations from Nobel Tse at Outblaze


 	* Added support for unit testing

	* Started to cleanup config.pm to not use deprecated methods when 
	  displaying ticket columns.

	* lib/RT/Ticket.pm: Fix for #791: duplicated requestors on merge.

	* Fix for #934: creating users doesn't completely fail (new)

	* etc/config.pm, lib/RT/Handle.pm: Added support for postgres' 

	* Abstracted out status enumeration and validation. Sites can now 
	  modify the set of statuses available. Though that's 100% unsupported.

	* Tickets which are created in a "resolved" state will now have their 
	  "resolved" date set right.

	* lib/RT/User.pm: Started work on "Email password to user"
	* First bits of glue for new RT unit testing infrastructure

	* lib/RT/Action/SendPasswordEmail.pm: Added an action to mail a 
	  password to the user.

	* Simple fixes to POD from Feargal Reilly to fix complaints from 

	* lib/RT/Watcher.pm: Added a patch from Simon Cozens which makes sure 
	  that a requestor is always a user, rather than an email address.

	* lib/RT/Keyword.pm: Added a helper Load function to load by Id or Path

	* Template got new helper functions for loading queue and system 

	* Brought forward a security fix from 2.0.8_01.  
	  (nonusers could get superuser permissions from the CLI)

	* lib/RT/Ticket.pm: Fixed the "ticket status changes from 
	  open to open" bug, thanks to raphael at linkvest.

	* lib/RT/Tickets.pm: Refactored to provide better access to fields 
	  that tickets can be sorted on.

	* lib/RT/User.pm: a fix to allow you to create multiple users with no 
	  email address.

	* lib/RT/Tickets.pm: Added sub Due to Tickets.pm. fixes #910

	* lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm: Added code to detect bogus ticket update 

Mail Gateway:	

	* bin/rt-mailgate: added support to rt-mailgate for putting the queue 
	  name in a +extension

	* lib/RT/Interface/Email.pm: fixed a user creation race condition in 
	  the mail gateway


	* bin/rt: Documentation cleanups. removing an unnecessary data 
	  tainting check

	* bin/rtadmin: Online help fixes

Web UI:

	* Cleaned up transaction history display to eat less space and be more

	* lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm, webrt/Ticket/Display.html: work on 
	  web-based ticket creation. fixed bugs setting due dates, etc

	* webrt/Ticket/Create.html: Some cleanups to the Create form. No new 
	  functionality, just a little bit prettier

	* webrt/Elements/SelectTicketSortBy: Elements/SelectTicketsSortBy now 
	  uses new list of sortable Tickets fields in Tickets.pm

	* webrt/Search/Listing.html: Column headings in searches are now 
	  clicky, where possible

	* webrt/Ticket/Elements/ShowTransaction: URLs in ticket history should 
	  now be clicky

	* Added a hook for sites to put their own html in the top of the 
	  "Home" page by overriding Elements/CustomHomepageHeader

	* webrt/Ticket/Elements/EditLinks: added WebPath to fix some links in 

	* webrt/Ticket/Elements/ShowHistory: Added an optional bit of 
	  configuration to not show the "History" header (under the hood)
	* webrt/Ticket/Elements/ShowTransaction: Added a new option "Show 
	  commands" to show tranasaction (under the hood)

	* Webui: Added support for reenabling deleted queues and keywords
	* webrt/Ticket/Update.html: Named the ticket update form.
	* webrt/Admin/Elements/SelectRights: Updated ACL selecting UI to work 
	  properly with browsers that try to auto-select a value in a SELECT

	* webrt/Ticket/: Display.html, ModifyAll.html: Fix to not automatically
	  record comments if nothing was typed.
	* Fixed a display bug in mytickets and myrequests which prevented 
	  clicking on subjectless tickets

	* webrt/Ticket/Update.html, lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm: Now show the 
	  current ticket subject by default in the update subject box. 
	  But don't include it in the transaction if it hasn't changed.  

	* Refactored SelectQueue to elimintate duplicate code and enable 
	  a "too many queues" option (under the hood)

 	* Added support for timing page display with &Debug=1

http://www.bestpractical.com/products/rt  -- Trouble Ticketing. Free.

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