[rt-users] Urgent: Completely deleting tickets

Matthew Watson mwatson at netspace.net.au
Thu Nov 15 14:17:14 EST 2001


 I'm doing an import from rt1 to rt2 and have a large database of about 200,000 tickets, so i'm doing them in batches..

 problem is I imported one of the batches twice by mistake, so now those tickets have double transactions for them..

 I was wondering how do rollback this mistake, what is the best thing to do? I would imaging I can just delete the given tickets in from Tickets and from Transactions.. is there any other tables that get modified when a ticket is created?

 As it takes about a second a ticket for the import, I'd rather not have to drop the whole db and start again.

Matthew Watson
Development, Netspace Online Systems
mwatson at netspace.net.au

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