[rt-users] Changing requestor/creating tickets as user

Damian Gerow damian at sentex.net
Thu Nov 15 11:50:49 EST 2001

We're having some troubles when changing the requestor of a ticket, or 
creating a ticket using the web interface using a different requestor.

- If a privileged user forwards a request sent directly to them to RT, we 
try to change the requestor to be the person who initially asked the 
question.  While our correspondances are sent to them properly (as per the 
Scrips), if they try to correspond themselves (i.e. send an e-mail in on 
the ticket), they get a 'Permission Denied'.

- When creating a ticket by the web interface, and changing the requestor 
to be, say, me at example.com, the same problem occurs -- me at example.com gets 
the autoresponse, but cannot correspond.

In both cases, procmail returns a 'Permission Denied', and the RT logs just 
say 'Permission Denied'.  If the requestor is changed to a privileged user, 
then correspondance works correctly.  We're running 2.0.8, on PostgreSQL 7.1.3.

Anybody have any insight?

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