[rt-users] Contact Database

Joe McDermott joemcd at baker.ie
Mon Nov 12 09:59:32 EST 2001

Recently installed RT2 ,
I have a number of contact databases on a number of different systems
(LDAP, Access, text).
I wanted to add these together and allow my rt-users access it via the
web ui.

The entries might be of the form (Company Name , Contact Person,
Address1, Address 2, City, Phone No. , Website) for example.

I wanted the user to be able to search on any field, then get back a
listing of matchs.

(I looked at the searching facilities in RT2 , "Search" gives results of
tickets and "configuration->Users" gives back users)

I was going to create a new table in the rt database , import my contact
details into it, then try
to write some scripts to view/update the table via the web (using the rt
material as a guide).

Does anyone know of an easy route for doing this , (or is this just a
bad idea - tampering with rt2 database/scripts )

Many Thanks,
Joe McDermott

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