solved! Re: [rt-users] After Update Relationships are lost!

Bruce Campbell bruce_campbell at
Wed Nov 21 05:16:38 EST 2001

On Wed, 21 Nov 2001, Andreas Kruthoff wrote:

> Please do not ever change the "$rtname" variable in etc/ of rt, if
> you have already tickets in the database! This is written in the config
> file itself ;-)

Ok, how about this concept;

	One Organisation.
	Multiple Ticket queues
	*Seperate* Numbering systems for each queue.

Is it possible to use one SQL database, and multiple $rtname variables to
seperate out the queues ?

I think what I'm really wanting is to have one user database for queue
(etc) ACLs, but otherwise seperate instances of RT2 (but also the ability
to toss a ticket between queues).


                             Bruce Campbell                            RIPE

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