[rt-users] import req to rt2 tool?

Jon Stearley jrstear at sandia.gov
Wed Nov 21 12:10:41 EST 2001

On Wed, Nov 21, 2001 at 10:36:11AM -0600, Percynski, Fred wrote:
> Before I go reinvent the wheel, are there any tools for importing req
> tickets into RT2?
> If not I'll start with Daniel Rinehart's YaR2R package for importing
> into RT1 and modify it from there.  That way I'll only have to invent
> part of the wheel :)

i think that is what i used back when i converted.  when i did it, it
did not carry over the requestor or ticket creation and resolution
dates (ie- sets all requestors to whatever you are when you import,
and dates to current date).  i hacked like four lines to carry these
over and mailed it to the list, you can check the archives if
interested.  fyi and good luck!

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