[rt-users] backing rt up

Sheeri Kritzer awfief at usg.tufts.edu
Wed Nov 21 13:00:57 EST 2001

you want to use mysqldump.  Depending on the version/platform you have, 
mysqldump -a > file.sql will dump all the tables.  Otherwise you can use 
mysqlshow to get table names and use mysqldump <tablename> to dump them 
into files. 

To put the tables back in, I'd suggest:  mysql < file.sql.

Although,  Alesh Mustar <alesh at sportina.si> very recently posted the 

mysqldump -c -t -uroot -ppassword rt2 > rt2.sqldump
mysqldump -d -uroot -ppassword rt2 > rt2.sqlschema

which might work better.

Sheeri Kritzer
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On Wed, 21 Nov 2001 darrellb at hhcl.com wrote:

> what's the 'official' script for dumping the tables before backup?
> thx
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