[rt-users] debian packages ?

Michael Alan Dorman mdorman at debian.org
Mon Nov 26 10:29:41 EST 2001

Robert Passlow Robert at agen.com.au writes:
> Just wondering if anyone has created a .deb package for 2.0.x ?

I haven't, but I'm seriously considering it---there's some question in
my mind of where to put the various web bits, but the libraries are a
no-brainer, and the rest of it doesn't look hard.

If I end up doing it, it'll probably leave a lot of things to be done
by hand---I've not got the time to really do a big all-singing,
all-dancing configuration bit.

Within those parameters, though, the hardest part is figuring out
what-all packages the thing depends on. It's quite a list. :-)


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