[rt-users] Web Client returns nothing to HTTP GET request

Erik Andrejko EAndrejko at transwesttel.com
Thu Nov 29 17:29:13 EST 2001

After going through all of the install, when I attempt to open the Web
Interface I get no data.  No errors can be found in Apache's error_log.  Is
there another log to check?  The install appears successful, the database is
created, httpd -l lists mod_perl and I modified my httpd.conf and config.pm
as mentioned in the INSTALL file.

I search the mailing lists using ht://Dig but did not find anything.

Erik A. Andrejko 
EAndrejko at transwesttel.com

Trans-West Network Solutions		PH: 602 453 4286
4120 E. Winslow Ave			FAX: 602 437 4742
Phoenix AZ 85040

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