[rt-users] Priority Exceeds scripcondition..

Jay Kramer jay at mojomole.com
Fri Nov 30 14:18:34 EST 2001

Okay, is ANYONE using the PriorityExceeds ScripCondition?  If so, what kind of luck have you had with it?  I have it setup where the priority exceeds 3 different levels different warnings go out, but if it exceeds a level higher than the one prior, I don't want the prior warning going out, so I need a PriorityBetween scrip instead..  Now, above that.. I think this scrip fires everytime a transaction goes through..  ANY transaction, not just a priorty change transaction..  Is this the intended behavior?  If not, I'll figure out whats wrong and submit a patch, unless someone has already fixed it and has not made it public..  

(this one is VERY useful, but has been disabled because of the annoyingness factor..)
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