[rt-users] problem: new ticket created on every mail if CC'ed to RT

Toni Willberg toni.willberg at atbusiness.com
Fri Feb 1 03:06:11 EST 2002


I did not find any help from previous messages or RT website, so here we

Sometimes a user in our company sends mail that has headers like:

 To: someuser at company
 Cc: rt at company       (this is being aliased to RT)

A ticket is created with correct ticket id and everything looks fine.

But now when that <someuser at company> replies to the mail he got from
original user he uses [reply to all] thus using "Cc: rt at company" in
mail. RT kindly creates a new request and ticket number for that mail
and sends autoreply to that person.


So the question is: how to tell RT that it should process Cc'ed mail
same way as if RT was in To: -field.

- Toni

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