[rt-users] problem: new ticket created on every mail if CC'ed to RT

Darrin Walton darrinw at nixc.net
Fri Feb 1 08:50:26 EST 2002

  |+ But now when that <someuser at company> replies to the mail he got from
  |+ original user he uses [reply to all] thus using "Cc: rt at company" in
  |+ mail. RT kindly creates a new request and ticket number for that mail
  |+ and sends autoreply to that person.
  |+ So the question is: how to tell RT that it should process Cc'ed mail
  |+ same way as if RT was in To: -field.

When RT creates a ticket, and it auto-generates a response email to the 
person opening the ticket (that is, if you have the OnCreate Scrip 
setup).  The subject line is something like:

[foo.net #421] <subject>

It makes no difference if the RT alias is in the To: field or the CC: 
field, as long as the portion of the subject with the ticket ID is there.

If the user is deleting the subject, RT has no way of knowing what ticket 
it belongs too.

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