[rt-users] RT addon -- DTRT

rt-for-chris at db.lm.com rt-for-chris at db.lm.com
Sun Feb 3 18:52:22 EST 2002

Hi there,

I was taking a look at some of RT's addons and I think I might mess
around with the DTRT project management addon.  Is there any
documentation for it?

I looked around for awhile and could only find CVS updates mentioned
in the mailing lists, and nothing in the documentation.  I can see
that it is actively being worked on, so I'd like to check it out...

If there's no docs I can probably manage to just download all the
files, put them in the right place and mess around with it, but any
help would be most appreciated.  It seems like it might do things that
I'm looking for...


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