[rt-users] HowTo or FAQ on creating scrips?

Bruce Campbell bruce_campbell at ripe.net
Mon Feb 4 06:56:25 EST 2002

On Mon, 4 Feb 2002, Scott A. McIntyre wrote:

> I've seen a number of people asking how to create new Scrips, new
> Actions, etc, and there's been various mentions of putting the perl
> module in the right place, and then modifying the database accordingly,
> but try as I might, I haven't yet seen a FAQ or HowTo on this (or, for
> that matter, an answer...)

'You put the perl module in the right place, and update the database

Theres a fair bit of hints and tips over in rt-devel regarding various
Scrips.  The things you need are:

	reading of man pages perlboot, perltoot, perltootc, perlobj,
	perlbot, perlmod, perlmodlib, perlmodinstall.  (Go read them,
	really, they explain a lot)

	Reading of the RT::Condition::Generic and RT::Action::Generic
	modules (lib/RT/Condition/Generic.pm and lib/RT/Action/Generic.pm)

	Understanding what is the 'right' place for the modules:

		ScripConditions go in lib/RT/Condition/
		ScripActions go in lib/RT/Action/

	Understanding how ScripConditions and ScripActions are loaded:

		The SQL tables ScripConditions and ScripActions define
		an 'ExecModule' which is used as the RT::Condition::blah
		or RT::Action::blah 'require'd in
		lib/RT/ScripCondition.pm's LoadCondition() and
		lib/RT/ScripAction.pm's LoadAction() methods.

	Understanding how to insert ScripConditions and ScripActions into
	the database:

		Copy someone else's 'insert_condition_blah.pl' or
		'insert_action_blah.pl', see
		http://www.fsck.com/pub/rt/contrib/2.0, and change as

> I've trawled through the archives, but haven't seen anything jump out at
> me.  If someone has a reference to the steps one needs to go through to
> add any of the add-ons, or our own Scrips/Actions/Conditions, it would
> be most handy.

The above is a quick list.  If you like, I can do up a quick (but in
detail) commentary on steps need to create your own
Scrip{Condition,Action} and put it into place.  ( I've got something else
underway for work, so I can provide a walk-thru for that ).


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