[rt-users] PATCH: fix for "Modify user rights for queue tasks" screen

Rob Walker rob at myinternetplace.net
Thu Feb 7 13:22:54 EST 2002

I am a brand new RT user.  When I first went to the 
http://rt2/Admin/Queues/UserRights.html?id=2 page, I saw the text "(Check box 
to revoke right)" and I didn't understand what I was supposed to do.  After 
adding some rights, it all made sense.  

Here is the patch to only print that line if there are some rights to show.  I 
think it would be wise to print out something like "No rights assigned to 
this user" if possible, too.

The list of possibly-assigned rights seems to be generated on the fly, so why 
not only show the rights which could be assigned, shortening the 'available' 
list as the 'current' list grows.

This is my first time to see mason code, so I don't hold any ego to this code 
at all.  :-)  I love the way it prints errors to the browser.


--- SelectRights        Thu Feb  7 10:20:28 2002
+++ SelectRights.original       Thu Feb  7 10:03:19 2002
@@ -13,16 +13,12 @@
 <TD valign=top> 
 <h3>Current rights</h3>
-% my ($revoke_already_printed);
+<i>(Check box to revoke right)</i> <BR>
 % while (my $right = $ACLObj->Next()) {
 % if ($right->RightName) {
-%   if ($revoke_already_printed != 1) {
-<i>(Check box to revoke right)</i> <BR>
-%   $revoke_already_printed = 1;
-%   }
 <input type=checkbox value="<%$right->Id%>" name="RevokeACE"> 
 % }
-% }
+%  }

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