[rt-users] Sendmail issue

Greg Smythe gregs at Intellstat.com
Thu Feb 7 16:44:37 EST 2002

After you edited the aliases file did you run the command 'newaliases' ?

Greg Smythe
Intellstat Communications
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I know this may not be the place but I got RT2 running last weekend and I am
chomping at the bit.

I have set up on my exchange server a user that all its mail is forwarded
intact to support at the ip address of the linux box with RT on
it. This works great for a list server I am running on another NT server.

Anyhow Sendmail is talking back to the exchange server finaly, as it returns
with a user uknown error.

I set up the aliases just like it said in the RT documentation.

I can create a ticket via the Web interface and it emails me the ticket
number like it is supposed to.

I am sure that sendmail is not set up correctly (I kept all the default
settings after installing). I am not familiar with sendmail and Any pointers
would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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