[rt-users] strange happenings on new install . . templates and user perms not functioning?

Anthony Hardy mis at jdcc.net
Fri Feb 8 02:57:19 EST 2002

i've just installed 2.0.11 . .fresh.  .clean.  most everything seems ok
. except some rather major portions:(

i've logged in, created a user, doubled checked in mysql to ensure that
the user was created . .encrypted password is present . user is not
disabled and is not priviledged.   however, after creating a queue, i
cannot assign user rights.  (while in the queue area)  group rights i
can assign, but the user rights page has nothing for me to "use" to
assign rights . no lookup feature . no buttons . .basically just some
html saying this is "Modify user rights for queue general" (i'm sticking

to general til i get the feel for this).

   you CAN assign watchers. . ..and group permissions .. but you cant
  assign a user to a group . . so only root has any perms to ANYTHING>

it's like the template is "missing" for these user functions.

you can create a ticket. . . .even via email .. and that seems to work
ok .  .just can't assign permissions

also . templates exist in the db (as command line shows) but not in the
global section (as stated in the docs) or in the general queue (i looked

anyway).  seems like the same issue? . ......cause you CAN create a
template and it shows up in the db . . but when you go back to the
template page . it's NOT there ..so i think the html/perl isn't pulling
something correctly?

i'm using mod_perl 1.26, apache 1.3.23 and mysql 3.23.47

i'm gona look into this more  . .but if anybody knows off the top of
their head . i'd appreciate it.


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