[rt-users] strange happenings on new install . . templates and user perms not functioning?

Anthony Hardy mis at jdcc.net
Fri Feb 8 15:06:02 EST 2002

Gotcha.  I DID check "Let this user be granted rights" when creating user.
Apparently the priviledged mark didn't make it?

any idea on why the templates aren't showing up under Global even tho they
are in the database?

Thanks for your response,


seph wrote:

> Anthony Hardy <mis at jdcc.net> writes:
> > i've logged in, created a user, doubled checked in mysql to ensure that
> > the user was created . .encrypted password is present . user is not
> > disabled and is not priviledged.   however, after creating a queue, i
> > cannot assign user rights.
> this behavior is correct, and exactly as documented.
> see http://www.fsck.com/rtfm/article.html?id=4#27
> in the administration guide.
> a user must be privledged if you want to assign them rights.
> seph

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