[rt-users] Turning off *all* attachments in RT2

bill at daze.net bill at daze.net
Fri Feb 8 15:03:44 EST 2002

Well, so far it looks like you can not turn off attachments in RT2.  I
guess I'm going to have to implement our modified stripmime routine from
RT1 on our RT2 installation.

Yes RT2 treats everything as attachments, including the regular old
message plain text.  

It appears that MaxAttachmentSize of 0 means unlimited.  I changed it to 1
and started getting 1 byte message text and 1 byte attachments when
TruncateLongAttachments was defined.  If I undef TruncateLongAttachments
and define DropLongAttachments then the messages end up completely empty.

TruncateLongAttachments has precedence over DropLongAttachments.

In case anyone is wondering our policy is plain text messages only to our
ticketing systems.  No HTML pages, no word docs, no screen shots, etc.

This has turned out to be a good thing as well since we have some
employees who feel they need to view every single attachment they receive
no matter how many times we warn them about virii or worms in attachments.

I could hide the attachments link, however the attachments still get
saved to the database.

Thanks for your kind advice in helping figure this out...

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