[rt-users] RT, Apache and PHP

Benjamin Boksa b.boksa at sidebysite.de
Sat Feb 9 04:37:00 EST 2002

Hi Bolivar!

I don't know wether I am right but I think I can explain you problem. If you

<Location />
    SetHandler perl-script
    PerlHandler RT::Mason

Apache will handle all requests coming to that specific location by using a
perl-script (which in this case is RT::Mason).

As all your php-scripts reside in the / Location which is mentioned in the
directive above Apache tries to handle those scripts with the PerlHandler as
well, which is the reason why they don't get parsed as expected.

Try a setup like the third mentioned in


where under the Location /rt2 the must not be php scripts.

Please forgive me my bad englisch and if I explained something wrong, but
that is how I understand the problem.

Please let me know wether I could help you with this eMail.


Benjamin Boksa

> I'm running the RT 2.0.11
> I have installed PHP4 on the server that is running my company's RT
> instance, but I'm having trouble getting Apache to parse .php files.
> When I comment the following out of my httpd.conf, everything works
> fine:
> PerlModule Apache::DBI
> PerlFreshRestart On
> PerlRequire /opt/rt2/bin/webmux.pl
> <Location />
> SetHandler perl-script
> PerlHandler RT::Mason
> </Location>
> When I put it back in, I get asked to download the .php file instead of
> parsing it. Can anyone tell me what exactly the code above does and/or
> if there is a way around this?
> Thank you in advance
> Bolivar

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