[rt-users] Finally installed - email question.

Greg Smythe gregs at Intellstat.com
Mon Feb 11 18:54:38 EST 2002

Change the queue in your /etc/alias from 'support' to 'general'. Run
newaliases. Try again


Greg Smythe
Intellstat Communications
WA State Resident

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From: Shannon Pedersen [mailto:spedersen at cspeed.com] 
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Subject: [rt-users] Finally installed - email question.

Alrighty, I finally got RT2 installed, but now when I send an email to
rt at company.com I get the following message from the server:

"RT couldn't find the queue: support"

There is no queue called "support," there is just the "general" queue.  

I need to demo to someone that RT will work to receive emails from
outside customers and create tickets - what am I missing here?


Shannon Pedersen

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