[rt-users] Queues?

Sam Johnston samj at samj.net
Tue Feb 12 11:24:25 EST 2002

Hello all,

I've just finished setting up RT2 and am most impressed. I'm not sure 
how best to set up my queues though... I currently have a handful of 
clients I provide support for and have set up a queue for a couple of 
them Then I noticed in the documentation an example with 'Accounts', 
'NOC', 'Support', and figured perhaps I'm on the wrong track? I can 
fairly reliably determine the client name from the domain name of the 
requestor, or better yet, the email address they sent it to (ie 
support at client1.com, support at client2.com, which each forward to 
different aliases on the RT machine running qmail), so perhaps using 
queues for them is overkill? Also there would ideally only be a small 
handful of open tickets on each client at any given time. Do people 
supporting multiple clients/sites use different queues for each? If not, 
what is used instead?

I'm starting to think my queues should look something like:



Some feedback from RT users would be great - I'd rather not have to go 
back and fix this later.


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