[rt-users] enhanced-mailgate and pgp?

Sheeri Kritzer awfief at usg.tufts.edu
Tue Feb 12 17:55:27 EST 2002


the README for the enhanced-mailgate says that, for the enhanced mailgate 
to work, "you need to configure gpg's keyring for the user the mailgate 
runs as with the public keys of all your technical folks."

and users need to "ign your messages with standard PGP/MIME signatures."

I have 2 questions.  1)  the enhanced-mailgate is a perl script.  Where 
does it go?  2)  do I need to worry about the pgp stuff?  can't I just 
deal with it the way it is?  Or do I have to make everyone in my dept 
start signing their messages now?


Sheeri Kritzer
Systems Administrator
University Systems Group
Tufts University
sheeri.kritzer at tufts.edu

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