[rt-users] CONTRIB: Quickpicks v0.3 for WebRT

RT2 Troubles rt2trouble at morben.ca
Wed Feb 13 14:06:03 EST 2002

Spoke too soon.. Changing the length of the prompt didn't work very well.. So I manually did a tweak to /path/to/rt2/WebRT/html/Elements/Quickpicks :

<select class="qpnullclass" name="site" size="1" onchange="if (this.options[selectedIndex].value != '') { if (this.options[selectedIndex].value.indexOf('/') == 0) {location.href = this.options[selectedIndex].value} else {window.open(this.options[selectedIndex].value)} ; this.selectedIndex = 0 }" style="width: 250px;">

Where 'style="width: 250px;"' was originally 'style="width: 110px;"'... 

Your mileage may vary.. Font sizes and choices and text zoom settings all factor in.. 

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