[rt-users] Date displays as GMT

Greg White gregw-rt-users at greg.cex.ca
Wed Feb 13 22:19:56 EST 2002

On Wed Feb 02/13/02, 2002 at 05:14:29PM -0800, Bruce Riggins wrote:
> (version 2.0.8)
> The dates in the Web interface are showing as GMT instead of local time. I
> have set up config.pm for local time ($Timezone =  'US/Pacific';) but that
> doesn't seem to help.
> Any ideas? How do I fix this?

Just a wild guess, but do you have a global TZ environment variable set?
Apache (IIRC) needs to inherit a $TZ for dates in the web interface to
work right.

Try stopping Apache, and stuffing TZ=PST (or whatever works for you) in
the script that starts it. You'll probably need to export it as well.

Greg White

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